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Choosing a gift has never been so much fun! Nappy “cakes” for babies and newborns make special, yet practical gifts. Something that the baby will need, is presented in a playful way. If you want to make it even more special, choose your favourite colour and personalise it with the baby's name. Delivery in 24-72 hours in South Africa depending on your location.

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    Chic Nappy Cake

    Nappy cakes are original and useful gifts that Mum and Dad will love without a doubt..As a parent, you look for the best diapers to help you keep your baby dry, clean, and comfortable therefore we provide only Pampers diapers in our Nappy Cakes.

    R 695, 00
    Motorbike Nappy Cake

    The Motorbike Nappy Cake is the gift that will surprise Dad, whether he likes motorbikes or not…! These motorbike nappy cakes can be personalised and make a useful and original gift, which without a doubt Mum and Dad will love. Purchase a motorbike nappy cake online today.

    R 1395, 00
    Happy Nappy Baby Box

    If you are looking for an original and useful gift, this baby box is the perfect gift for Mum, Dad, and the baby – it is filled with basics that they cannot forego and will always be grateful for!

    R 599, 00
    Nicky Teether Nappy Cake

    This Nappy cake is without a doubt one of our most practical and original baby gifts. It Contains the famous Nicky baby teether.

    R 965, 00
    Blanket Nappy Cake

    The Blanket Nappy cake is a practical and original baby shower or newborn baby gift.

    R 355, 00
  • Buy Best Nappy Cakes Online | BebedeParis Baby Products South Africa Candy Nappy Cake Buy Best Nappy Cakes Online | BebedeParis Baby Products South Africa Candy Nappy Cake
    Candy Nappy Cake

    The Candy Nappy Cake is the perfect baby gift as it is both practical and original and will delight new parents. Perfect for a babyshower gift or a newborn baby gift.

    R 299, 00
    Biscuit Nappy Cake

    A Nappy cake is an original baby gift that parents will love. Ideal for a baby shower or newborn baby gift.  

    R 695, 00

Buy Adorable Nappy Cakes Online

A staple decoration and welcome gift at all stork teas and gender reveal parties, the nappy cake is a great way to get any new parents that little bit more prepared for their upcoming arrival.

At Bebe de Paris we have a selection of nappy cakes for sale to suit everyone’s taste. We offer competitive nappy cake prices in South Africa. Browse through our nappy cakes for sale to find the perfect one to gift. We provide quality products at competitive nappy cake prices.

A new parent can never actually have enough nappies! No matter how many of these baby products they receive, they will always come in more than handy. And the best nappy cakes have more than just nappies. Nappy cakes are a relatively new addition to baby showers and they make the perfect centrepiece. Decorated in all sorts of styles, the diaper cake is as attractive as it is useful. Generally, this baby gift will be organised by the hostess but instead of making it yourself, you can buy yours from Bebe de Paris where we sell nappy cakes online. 

Our online baby product shop has everything you need, with a large range of diaper cakes for sale, whether you are buying baby products as a gift or find yourself as a shower hostess and need to find a few presents that can double as a decorative piece. Every product can be easily ordered online and delivered to you, right on time, provided you have ordered it in a timely fashion when you plan to buy nappy cakes. Each nappy cake is individually put together, even if you are choosing it from a selection of products. Our cakes take on different shapes, like the motorbike nappy cake, moving away from the conventional tiered style, although we do have this classic style available as well like the blue nappy cake and the pink nappy cake.

The baby products we have included in our nappy cake hampers and nappy cake baskets are all usable and very much useful. Along with the nappies, we include a plush toy, a bib, a blanket or a nappy pouch. We understand that all parents want to give their babies the very best start, and with that in mind, we only use Pampers nappies in our nappy cakes. The number of nappies per baby gift will vary from cake to cake. Be sure to check the details of the baby product before you hit that order button. We will also include a personalised message as well as a welcome card for the little one. Every cake is beautifully wrapped and available in different colours. Depending on your location in

South Africa, delivery can take between 24 and 72 hours, giving you more than enough time to plan.

Why are nappy cakes so important and what is a nappy cake?

If you are new to baby showers, the whole concept of nappy cake gifts might be quite alien. But these cute creations have become well-loved by new parents, because they often come with a personal touch and are so usable.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to include this kind of baby product at a baby shower. Some of those reasons include: 

  • Parents really love and appreciate this kind of gift. Many soon-to-be parents are not aware that such a gift exists, so it can come as an amazingly welcome surprise when the mum to be sees it at her shower. This original gift serves a very special purpose and parents can keep it in the nursery, grabbing a nappy from the pile whenever they need it!
  • These gifts are unlike any other the parents will receive at the shower, and that can make a massive impression.
  • They are available in different themes and colours. This allows you to be more creative when planning your shower and planning your cake. The nappy cakes from BebedeParis are guaranteed to fit into just about any theme you are choosing.

Regardless of which nappy cake your select from our online inventory, you will be receiving a high- quality baby product that won’t disappoint. When shopping from Bebe de Paris, you need look no further for our online store, as our nappy cake prices are the best and saves time instead of making a nappy cake yourself. We have all of the best baby products in South Africa. All you need to do is make your selection and order your favourite products. We offer safe, secure online shopping, and we accept all of the major credit cards.

The delivery time for nappy cakes and our other baby products differs, so please take note of this before you start ordering. The nappy cakes have a shorter turnaround time compared to the other baby gifts, so if you are planning to have both arrive around the same time, be sure to order your gifts at the right time. Obviously delivery to the larger towns in South Africa is faster like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban and all towns on route.

BebedeParis aims to provide the best quality service and products for clients across the world. Order your baby products in South Africa today.