South Africa’s Best Corporate Baby Shop Online

There are more than a million babies born in South Africa every year. Some traditional celebratory baby gifts include flowers and chocolates. Here at Bebe de Paris, we decided to make the celebrations a bit more extravagant than that. With our wide variety of new-born gifts, you can create a unique parcel to welcome a new baby into the world.

Nowadays mothers can be working women too. Corporate companies can do baby shopping online if someone in the office is expecting. Spoiling an employee to show support with life events, is a great way of creating a sense of belonging among co-workers.

Personalised baby blankets are popular baby gifts in corporate environments. Human Resource managers like to visit baby shops in Pretoria when one of their staff members become a mother. Bebe de Paris has simplified this shopping process too. You can visit our baby shop online and forget about busy malls and traffic. Do all your shopping right here, from the comfort of your office. To further add to your customer experience, we will deliver the gift to the office, hospital or home address. A bellboy in uniform will personally surprise the new mother with her Bebe de Paris parcel.

As one of the top online baby shops in South Africa, we like to make lasting impressions on all our clients. We are also a large business with stakeholders across the globe. Therefore, we know how important it is to maintain good relationships in the working environment. This is where our inspiration for corporate baby gifts came from.

There’s something suitable available for everyone. Baby gifts are usually the perfect combination of something practical, yet thoughtful and sentimental. Nappy cakes are arranged in all sorts of ways, from motorbikes to candy shapes. Something more thoughtful, would be a personalised baby blanket. New-born baby clothes also make wonderful presents. No matter which new-born baby hamper you gift your employee with, we guarantee that it will be memorable.

Personalised baby gifts at one of the best baby shops in Pretoria, South Africa

Bebe de Paris is committed to being one of the best baby shops in Pretoria. Our top class service and quality products is what makes our company one of the industry leaders. We offer luxurious products that any mom would enjoy comforting a baby with.

Cotton is a natural product and our preferred fabric for pyjamas and baby grows. It is breathable and will still look new after every wash. There are also different breastfeeding cloths and bibs to choose from. We sell bunny comforters and personalised baby blankets to keep babies snug while they sleep. Many of our team members are parents themselves. We are well aware of the needs of a new parent and strive to provide the best possible product for every occasion.

Perhaps you want something that will be a little more sentimental. In this case, we would recommend a teddy bear or one of our baby gift sets. We have gift sets for both girls and boys. It includes photo albums, as well as a box with baby’s first booties Another option, and without a doubt the best selection for those who want something that will be treasured for a lifetime, is our footprints baby gift set. This will be a great way for parents to decorate their new-born’s room and remember their first few moments spent together. It also includes a photo album for 20 photos.

Convenient baby shopping online at Bebe de Paris

If you have a large business with branches outside of South Africa, you can still place your order at our baby shop online and have it delivered in another country within less than 2 weeks after the purchase.

Corporate baby gifts show that a business values its employees and will certainly be appreciated by any parent. You can choose from colours such as blue, pink, yellow and grey. Our embroiderers will decorate it with the baby’s name to make it even more special than it already is. The gift will be placed in a playhouse box before being sent off with a courier, or in a beautiful vintage box for deliveries made by a porter. You also have the option of packaging the gift in a basket with cellophane.

If your employee or colleague is expecting, browse through the luxurious baby shop online and choose a specially personalised gift to share in their joy. Deliveries in Gauteng will take only 1 day, while it may take up to 5 days to courier gifts to other South African provinces. Bebe de Paris also does international deliveries. It may take up to 7 working days to deliver international orders. Celebrate life, celebrate births, with Bebe de Paris.