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You will have no problem finding baby shower gift ideas in our extensive range of thoughtful baby shower presents. Browse unique baby shower gifts and find one-of-a-kind presents for the mother and baby. From personalised to adorable newborn accessories, you are certain to find the best baby shower gifts that the mom-to-be will love. Delivery in 24-72 hours in South Africa depending on your location.

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    BebeDeParis Teddy Bear

    Classic, loving and adorable Teddy Bear. Spoil a baby with one of the cutest personalised teddy bears in South Africa.

    R 365, 00
    BebeDeParis Baby Feeding Bottle

    Exclusive and functional baby feeding bottle with elephant and little stars illustrations.  

    R 145, 00
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    Embroidered Bib Baby Hamper

    My embroidered bib baby hamper is a personalised gift for the newborn baby. This practical and original baby gift basket includes personalised embroidery. Give us the baby’s name on the order form. 

    R 1650, 00
    Chic Nappy Cake

    Nappy cakes are original and useful gifts that Mum and Dad will love without a doubt..As a parent, you look for the best diapers to help you keep your baby dry, clean, and comfortable therefore we provide only Pampers diapers in our Nappy Cakes.

    R 695, 00
    Motorbike Nappy Cake

    The Motorbike Nappy Cake is the gift that will surprise Dad, whether he likes motorbikes or not…! These motorbike nappy cakes can be personalised and make a useful and original gift, which without a doubt Mum and Dad will love. Purchase a motorbike nappy cake online today.

    R 1395, 00
  • Personalised Baby Gifts South Africa | BebedeParis Baby Gifts  Heart Footprints Baby Gift Set Personalised Baby Gifts South Africa | BebedeParis Baby Gifts  Heart Footprints Baby Gift Set
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    Heart Footprints Baby Gift Set

    A truly special gift for the baby, as well as for mummy and daddy – a souvenir for a lifetime! This lovely box contains a kit to print your baby’s footprints. It can also serve to decorate the baby’s room and store small items.

    R 445, 00
    Elephant Baby Gift Set

    Lovely and sweet newborn gift set to keep the first baby photos and booties. A special gift to welcome the new baby. 

    R 445, 00
    Rabbit Baby Gift Set

    Mum and Dad will love this gift! A nice and lovely box to keep the first baby memories like pictures or the first booties. 

    R 445, 00
    Bunny Baby Gift Set

    How absolutely adorable! That’s what anyone will say who receives this perfect little gift for their newborn.      

    R 395, 00
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    Essential Bedtime gift basket

    Presented in an exclusive vintage box, the Bedtime Baby gift basket is the perfect gift for the newborn and for your budget

    R 995, 00
    Happy Nappy Baby Box

    If you are looking for an original and useful gift, this baby box is the perfect gift for Mum, Dad, and the baby – it is filled with basics that they cannot forego and will always be grateful for!

    R 599, 00
    First Baby Dish Set

    This cute and nice baby dish set will be the perfect baby shower gift. The first baby meals will be delicious!!

    R 399, 00
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    Plush bunny blanket

    Blanket and bunny soft toy. A soft, warm blanket that is carried in the paws of our plush bunny soft toy. This soft bunny softness with its adorable long ears will become the baby's favorite soft toy. You can personalise the blanket by embroidering the baby's name on the blanket.

    R 399, 00
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    Baby cotton bib without logo

    R 125, 00
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    Embroidered Bathrobe Baby Hamper

    A beautiful gift embroidered with the baby’s name is a touching detail that Mum will treasure with love. This baby gift basket comes with personalised embroidery. Simply provide the name of the baby in the order form.

    R 1699, 00
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    Complete Post-Hospital Baby Gift Basket

    When Mum and Dad have everything ready for the newborn, this post-hospital baby basket is the perfect gift, containing items for babies from three months old.

    R 2199, 00
    Classic essential baby hamper

    Classic Essential Baby Hamper is a beautiful birth gift for new borns.Lovely gift to present to mum in the hospital

    R 995, 00
    Classic Happy Baby Hamper

    Sometimes the simplest gifts produce the biggest smiles. The Happy collection is the perfect birth gift which will make Mum and Dad smile.

    R 995, 00
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    Essential Post-Hospital Baby Gift Hamper

    This Essential Post-hospital baby gift hamper contains baby basics from three months old. All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    R 1150, 00
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    Memories Essential Baby Gift Basket

    Baby memories will always have a special place in Mum’s and Dad’s hearts. A great gift for the baby, the Essential Memories Baby Basket is presented in a traditional wicker basket.

    R 1599, 00
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    Embroidered Bedtime Baby Hamper

    Personalised gifts are the best! With My embroidered bedtime baby hamper, babies will sleep like angels. It includes a blanket embroidered with the baby’s name.

    R 1699, 00
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    Dreams Classic Baby Hamper

    Baby gift hamper. Includes a soft toy, pyjamas, fleece blanket, crib sheets, nusery bag, muslin breatfeeding cloth and a bunny comforter in a vintage box.

    R 1595, 00
    Happy Memories Gift Hamper

    A basket with everything you need to always remember the first months of the baby’s life. An original gift for the newborn that will thrill Mum and Dad.

    R 995, 00
    Denim Dungarees Gift Set

    The Happy Denim Box is the perfect gift to surprise the new mum and dad. It contains a complete outfit for the baby, made up of denim dungaree, poloneck babygrow and socks. Comfort and fashion in one!

    R 1250, 00

Luxurious Baby Shower Gifts South Africa

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most special moments in any parent’s life. It is an especially profound moment for mothers when they give birth.

The idea of a baby shower relates to the thought of showering an expecting mother with gifts for her to enjoy with the baby. This occasion celebrates a new child being born. Although it is now not unusual for both men and women to attend baby showers, it is commonly an event to which only close female friends and family members are invited.

BebedeParis baby shower gifts

Our team enjoys nothing more than being able to help friends and family spoil new mothers with handy products that have a special meaning with our baby shower present ideas. We know it is not easy getting an original baby shower gift for mom.

What to buy for a baby shower? You will find many luxurious baby shower hamper ideas here. When you browse through our catalogue, you will see many gift hampers which include blankets and bibs. Personalising these online baby shower gifts with the baby’s name is one of the best ways to create a unique gift that will warm a mother’s heart in an instant. These types of new-born gifts are usually kept as keepsakes after the baby grows older. This makes a personalized baby shower gift such a thoughtful baby shower gift.

We know that it is the thought that counts, but sometimes a simple gift such as diapers, is the one that a mother needs the most. If you prefer to buy something a bit more practical to support your sister, cousin or friend, we have loads of online baby shower gifts to choose from.

Nappies are without a doubt the most used baby product. This is why baby shower nappy cakes are such popular gifts at baby showers. Everyone knows how much new parents dread having to buy diapers for what seems like a never-ending time. Children are usually only potty trained when they are two years old, or in some cases even older. A baby shower diaper cake will almost certainly be one of the main decorations at the baby shower, and likely the biggest gift on the table. With BebedeParis you have various nappy cakes to choose from.

We also have other perfect baby shower gifts listed in our online baby store. Baby shower gift for girl or baby shower gift for boy. A baby dish set is something that will only be used once the baby is a little older and can start eating solids. There are a few items that we would recommend to those who aren’t sure what to get as a practical baby shower gift. Soft toys such as teddy bears are always winner presents. Photo albums and footprint sets make for beautiful souvenirs. Then there’s the pacifier pouches, as well as bottle pouches which fasten with a small ribbon. Nappy pouches are handy, especially when traveling.

Mothers have to feed their new-borns every few hours. It often happens that they aren’t at home for the feeding and have to breastfeed in less private settings. There are muslin or breastfeeding covers that can be life-savers in such scenarios. With a baby in the home, there’s no such thing as enough feeding bottles – we have those too.

Think smart when deciding on a baby gift for baby showers. Most new parents are well prepared for the first few weeks after welcoming a tiny new body into the home. As a child grows, his or her needs also change. This is why we have baby shower gift baskets available specifically for babies aged 3-6 months and other baby shower gift ideas. We also have baby shower gifts for twins.

The baby shower hamper ideas are endless. You can buy new-born baby clothes in different colours. Perhaps you want to surprise the mom-to-be with a chic set of linen for a cot or a bath time towel. Everyone enjoys looking stylish. Of course, we have baby outfits available such as the adorable denim dungaree featured in our online store. Not to mention the socks and mittens. For something more fashionable why not look at our Hugo Boss children clothes or our Timberland children clothes. They are great quality as expected from Hugo Boss and Timberland brands. 

Our unique baby shower gifts in South Africa are of high quality. All the items have been divided into three main categories, namely: deluxe, elegant and classic. The prices range from R 145,00 – R 2400,00.

Our staff are dedicated to providing you with the best online baby gifts shopping experience. Satisfying customer needs is our end goal, therefore we always encourage our customers to contact us with any questions regarding our products and services.

Navigating our website is easy for baby shower gifts online South Africa– simply select the type of products you are interested in, within a specific price range. If you want the present to be delivered in Gauteng, a porter in uniform will make the delivery within a day of purchase. We do deliveries nationwide. This may take up to 5 working days. Do not hesitate to contact us if the expecting mom lives in a different country. International delivery is also available; however, this may take up to 7 working days. We deliver countrywide in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and anywhere in between. 

If you are arranging a baby shower, or have been invited to attend one, look no further for an online baby store for the perfect baby shower hampers or baby shower gift box. At BebedeParis you will find the perfect online baby shower gifts for any mother and baby. We are baby shower gifts South Africa with the best baby shower presents available.