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Baby hampers and baby gift baskets baskets are the perfect birth gifts.

Bebedeparis offers a large selection of different hampers and baskets and the option of personalising them with accessories and outfits of your choice, including hampers containing clothes from brands like Hugo Boss and Timberland. All baskets and hampers are impeccably presented in traditional wicker baskets or exclusive vintage boxes. Delivery in 24-72 hours in South Africa depending on your location.

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    Essential Bathtime Baby Basket

    Gorgeous baby basket to pamper the newborn. The perfect baby gift for Mum and Dad. Great Hamper idea for a new baby.

    R 1599, 00
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    Embroidered Bathrobe Baby Hamper

    A beautiful gift embroidered with the baby’s name is a touching detail that Mum will treasure with love. This baby gift basket comes with personalised embroidery. Simply provide the name of the baby in the order form.

    R 1699, 00
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    Twins Classic Baby Hamper

    Mum and Dad will enjoy the Classic twins baby hamper just as much as the little ones. A generous gift for twins. All our baby gift baskets include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    R 2295, 00
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    Casual Deluxe Baby Hamper

    A magnificent baby hamper containing all the essential casual clothes for a newborn baby. 

    R 2395, 00
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    Embroidered Bib Baby Hamper

    My embroidered bib baby hamper is a personalised gift for the newborn baby. This practical and original baby gift basket includes personalised embroidery. Give us the baby’s name on the order form. 

    R 1595, 00
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    Complete Post-Hospital Baby Gift Basket

    When Mum and Dad have everything ready for the newborn, this post-hospital baby basket is the perfect gift, containing items for babies from three months old.

    R 1950, 00
    Classic essential baby hamper

    Classic Essential Baby Hamper is a beautiful birth gift for new borns.Lovely gift to present to mum in the hospital

    R 995, 00
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    Classic Baby Hamper

    This hamper from the Classic collection is presented in an exclusive vintage style box. A stunning newborn gift that includes baby clothes and accessories.  All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    R 1995, 00
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    Complete Classic Baby Hamper

    A fantastic newborn baby gift presented in a stylish vintage-inspired box. All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card and a welcome card with the baby’s name.

    R 2195, 00
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    Classic Deluxe Baby Hamper

    Mum and Dad will be so surprised with this magnificent Classic Deluxe Baby Hamper presented in an exclusive vintage style box. The perfect newborn baby gift!

    R 2395, 00
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    Essential Serenity Baby Gift Basket

    The Essential Serenity baby gift hamper is the perfect gift to help the newborn snuggle up for a night of sweet dreams. 

    R 1395, 00
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    Complete Serenity Baby Gift Basket

    The Complete serenity baby gift basket is the perfect gift to let the newborn sleep like an angel. A perfect baby shower gift idea.

    R 2145, 00
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    Deluxe Serenity Baby Gift Basket

    The Deluxe serenity baby gift hamper is a lovely baby basket for the baby’s comfort and sleep.

    R 2395, 00
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    Essential Bedtime gift basket

    Presented in an exclusive vintage box, the Bedtime Baby gift basket is the perfect gift for the newborn and for your budget

    R 995, 00
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    Essential Post-Hospital Baby Gift Hamper

    This Essential Post-hospital baby gift hamper contains baby basics from three months old. All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    R 1250, 00
    Happy Stripes Baby Hamper

    The Happy-collection is the perfect gift for the newborn. Mum and Dad will love this original gift.

    R 995, 00
    Classic Happy Baby Hamper

    Sometimes the simplest gifts produce the biggest smiles. The Happy collection is the perfect birth gift which will make Mum and Dad smile.

    R 995, 00
    Happy Polar Baby Hamper

    If you want to choose a unique baby gift that will make people smile, the Happy-collection is the perfect choice.

    R 1150, 00
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    Memories Essential Baby Gift Basket

    Baby memories will always have a special place in Mum’s and Dad’s hearts. A great gift for the baby, the Essential Memories Baby Basket is presented in a traditional wicker basket.

    R 1550, 00
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    Embroidered Bedtime Baby Hamper

    Personalised gifts are the best! With My embroidered bedtime baby hamper, babies will sleep like angels. It includes a blanket embroidered with the baby’s name.

    R 1650, 00
    Essential tableware basket

    A delightful gift perfect for baby's first meals, with beautiful and adorable illustrations to enjoy at the table! 

    R 899, 00
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    Dreams Classic Baby Hamper

    Baby gift hamper. Includes a soft toy, pyjamas, fleece blanket, crib sheets, nusery bag, muslin breatfeeding cloth and a bunny comforter in a vintage box.

    R 1595, 00
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    Twins Classic Baby Basket

    An original gift for twins with all the baby basics.

    R 2195, 00
    Happy Memories Gift Hamper

    A basket with everything you need to always remember the first months of the baby’s life. An original gift for the newborn that will thrill Mum and Dad.

    R 995, 00

Find All the Best Baby Hampers and Gift Ideas Right Here

A gorgeous,personalised baby hamper basket is one of the best, all-round gifts you could give an expectant mother. They are loaded with all sorts of luxury baby goodies and with the option of personalizing it, you will be giving them something that suits mums style and personality down to a tee!

Our newborn baby hampers are packed with love and care. The hampers are available in a selection of unique gifts which will be forever treasured. Whether you go for the Casual Deluxe Baby Hamper or the

Classic Baby Hamper, your gift is sure to bring out those oohs and aahs from mum and guests alike. The items included in the baby gift basket vary, with some hampers including a cute set of cotton pyjamas, soft plush toy (teddies, elephants, rabbits, and other adorable toys are available), a baby grow, and unique bags for pacifiers, bottles and other much-needed baby items. You can even include baby toiletries in a newborn baby hamper or buy a baby toiletries gift basket. 

If you are at a loss as to what to gift your expectant friend or family member, you really cannot go wrong when selecting any one of our stunning personalised baby hamper baskets. There are numerous newborn baby hamper ideas available in our online store. It is the ultimate, complete, all-in-one kind of gift that keeps on giving. None of the items included in the personalised baby basket is perishable, allowing the mother to use the items for future babies or as a pass-along present.

Our baby hampers are available in blue, pink or grey and we also have twin gift options for those mothers expecting more than one little blessing.

Have a look at our baby gift hampers containing luxury baby brands in South Africa. Hugo Boss baby and Timberland baby will ensure a quality lasting gift.

A Variety of Baby Gifts

For our South African clients, we have a selection of baby hamper ideas for you to choose from. You have the option of the plain gift set which includes the clothing and helpful bags, the newborn gift set with the essential clothing, and the baby bath set which includes a bathrobe and essential bath time goodies. Browse through our catalogue of South African hampers for some baby bath hamper ideas and much more. And then we have the more specific gift hampers. Our picnic baby gift hamper, complete tableware basket, dungaree gift set and embroidered hampers are all exceptional gifts to give. These unique gifts will strike the right cord and will be much appreciated and treasured each time they are used. Adding the personal touch makes the gift all the more special.

If you can’t find something among our vast selection of newborn gifts, or you have had a new born baby hamper idea that needs to be custom made, we are the people who can help! Our custom hamper option is easy to set up. Firstly, you’ll have to select the products from Bebe de Paris that you simply love. You then need to choose a wicker basket or a stylish vintage box for your gifts. Once you’ve made your selections, we’ll set up the hamper and get it delivered to you. This option ensures that your gift is truly one of a kind and you can also have certain products embroidered with the baby’s name. We’ll decorate your gift hamper with bows and ribbons and you’ll have the option of adding a special, personal message. Of the products you can choose from there are gift sets, baby basics such as bottles, linen and clothing, as well as soft toys. Our baby gifts are suitable for newborns as well as older babies, and the high quality of our products means that these gifts will never go out of style.


We work on standard South African delivery which means it can take anywhere between 24 hours and 5 working days for your baby gift hamper to be delivered. It is up to you to make sure that you have ordered your baby gifts well in advance. If you are ordering your baby hamper in Johannesburg, you can choose the option of porter delivery. And although we are based in Pretoria South Africa, we do deliver our gifts internationally. When ordering baby gifts online, but you are not based in South Africa, please allow for 4 to 7 working days for delivery.

From Cape Town to Messina, Umhlanga to Springbok -we deliver countrywide 

We are number one for gift hampers South Africa.

When looking for gift ideas, we can help you make your selection. Browse through our website today and buy the best newborn baby gifts hampers online.