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Our personalised baby gifts are unique keepsakes.

Discover our selection of baby gifts that can be personalised with the baby's name: blankets, pillows and cushions, frames for the nursery, bathrobes and much more. Delivery in 48-72 hours in South Africa depending on your location.

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  • Can be personalised
    Baby Bathrobe

    After a wonderful bath, get dry and comfy in this soft and tender BebeDeParis bathrobe!

    R 399, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Baby Travel Blanket

    Soft and warm baby blanket to travel or just for a nice day walk with Mum and Dad.

    R 195, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Baby cotton bib without logo

    R 125, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Plush bunny blanket

    Blanket and bunny soft toy. A soft, warm blanket that is carried in the paws of our plush bunny soft toy. This soft bunny softness with its adorable long ears will become the baby's favorite soft toy. You can personalise the blanket by embroidering the baby's name on the blanket.

    R 399, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Big Bunny Baby Comforter

    A big, big adorable and soft baby comforter. Babies feel safe and calm with their best friends. A kind gesture to welcome newborn.

    R 150, 00
    Baby Muslin or Breastfeeding Cloth

    Muslins or breastfeeding cloths should never be forgotten as one of the basic items for the newborn baby. Practical, comfortable and soft on the baby’s delicate skin.

    R 85, 00
  • The price includes embroidery
    Embroidered Bathrobe Baby Hamper

    A beautiful gift embroidered with the baby’s name is a touching detail that Mum will treasure with love. This baby gift basket comes with personalised embroidery. Simply provide the name of the baby in the order form.

    R 1695, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Essential Serenity Baby Gift Basket

    The Essential Serenity baby gift hamper is the perfect gift to help the newborn snuggle up for a night of sweet dreams. 

    R 1250, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Casual Essential Baby Hamper

    Casual style basket for babies, presented in a lovely, vintage-inspired box. All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    R 1295, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Dreams Classic Baby Hamper

    Baby gift hamper. Includes a soft toy, pyjamas, fleece blanket, crib sheets, nusery bag, muslin breatfeeding cloth and a bunny comforter in a vintage box.

    R 1495, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Soft Happy Gift Box

    The Soft Happy Gift Box is the ideal gift, with products that every mom and dad needs for their first months with their baby. It contains a fleece blanket, baby slippers, a bunny baby comforter and a teddy bear in a beautiful, rectangular braided wool box which is perfect for decorating the room.

    R 1195, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Baby Picnic Basket

    A delightful gift perfect for baby's first meals, with beautiful and adorable illustrations to enjoy at the table! 

    R 1450, 00
  • The price includes embroidery
    Embroidered Rabbit Baby Hamper

    Blanket and bunny. A soft toy with adorable little ears. This bunny will become the baby's favourite stuffed animal.

    R 1295, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Complete Tableware Basket

    There is a baby gourmet in this home! The perfect gift for baby's first meals, with adorable and delightful illustrations to enjoy it!

    R 1295, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Baby Box Tender

    This basket is an ideal gift for newborns, it includes all kinds of essential items for the baby. 

    R 995, 00